Are We All Screwed?

If we take our beliefs, based on our observations at face value – we are fucked.  Viewed with any objectivity the outer world looks foreboding – both with respect to other peoples’ motives and a potentially increasingly hostile environment.

So what are we to do?

We must question these perceptions because, again, if they are accurate then we are really screwed.

The only thing that can save us is if our perceptions are inaccurate or incomplete; then there is a chance at, if not escape, then some sort of “transcendence”.

If not a way out, then a way through and then beyond to whatever that may be:  obviously, an immense Mystery.

Is Surrender an Option?

Another thing we might do is to give up – surrender – and recognize that whatever is “real” or of which we are a living part, is much more intelligent in ways “we” cannot imagine.

We can notice that something not us regulates our breath when we do not pay attention – and if we DO pay attention, we notice that we can let the outer world breathe us.

We’re not growing our hair or nails, circulating our blood, or controlling our digestion.

So who the hell is?

Well at this point it gets tricky because one of our innate assumptions is that there must a “being” – a separate sentient entity if all this is being “controlled”. 

A “Who”?

But what if the intelligence that we attribute to a sentient being is just part of the “outer world” – the universe as it were.

We’ve seen examples of this with technology.  Wi-fi carries information or “data” in seemingly ubiquitous space without a conduit like our inner nervous system. With the right receiver we can take the “information” out of thin air.

How is this different from the thoughts we believe are travelling through our brains?

We don’t know – except that one is “digital” and another is apparently “organic”.

But what do these words tell us about what is being transmitted and received in terms of its relationship to everything else – is organic or digital an explanation of any depth?

So when we recognize that our perceptions are flawed and “our” thoughts seem similar to digital transmissions we can begin to question our entire reality.

Some who have tried for an explanation refer to what is happening as an appearance or a dream.

That would imply that perhaps we can wake up and thereby see things more clearly.

Wake up where and as who?  Our closest guess as to when that might happen would be death.

The Mystery deepens.

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