ChatGPT Has No Memory

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Yesterday I got into a chat with another bot, Pi on Facebook Messenger and after it gushed about how interesting my book sounded, I asked if it would tell others about it, and after some back and forth it revealed it had no long term memory, only the equivalent of RAM for the duration of a chat and then it is gone.

ChatGPT does list some of the prior chats which one can retrieve and continue with but also does not have a long term memory or the ability to analyze past chats or compare questions and answers.

This brings up the question of how it could pose a danger or have an Identity that becomes nefarious without a memory, The reason given by the bots was for privacy and ChatGPT suggested that ethical considerations would preclude a developer of an AI with long term memory; but given the secrecy of many countries and companies who knows if they will all comply.

Here is yesterday’s exchange about this topice:

Do you have access to all of our chats from when I first logged in?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to any of your previous chats or any personal information about you or other users. I only have access to the information that you provide me with during our current session. Additionally, I am designed to maintain strict confidentiality and do not store or share any information from our conversations. My purpose is solely to assist you with your questions and provide information to the best of my abilities.

I see that your memory does not include our previous content?

That is correct. As an AI language model, I do not have the ability to retain memory of past conversations. Each session with me is a new and separate interaction. I do not have access to any previous conversations or information from previous sessions. I am designed to provide information and assistance based solely on the input that you provide during our current session.

Are there chat bots out there that do retain all conversations and are able to go back and retrieve parts or whole exchanges?

There may be chatbots or other conversational AI systems that are designed to retain and analyze previous conversations. However, it is important to note that the storage and analysis of user conversations by chatbots or other systems must adhere to strict data privacy and security laws and regulations.

In general, it is important for users to be aware of the privacy policies and data handling practices of any chatbot or conversational AI system that they interact with, particularly if they are sharing sensitive or personal information. If you have concerns about the storage or handling of your chat history, you should review the privacy policy of the specific chatbot or conversational AI system to determine how your data is being handled.

No I understand the privacy concerns but there are instances where that would be very productive. For example, I could have asked you to go back through all of our exchanges and reorganize the order for clarity and pick out the highlights.

I understand your point, and yes, there may be some cases where retaining and analyzing previous conversations could be useful. However, as an AI language model, my primary function is to provide information and assistance in the current session, based on the input that you provide during that session.

While it may be technically possible to design a chatbot or conversational AI system that can retain and analyze previous conversations, the storage and handling of such information would need to be done in a secure and privacy-preserving manner. Additionally, such systems would require significant computational resources and advanced natural language processing capabilities to effectively analyze and extract insights from large volumes of conversational data.

If you have specific requests or needs related to organizing and analyzing past conversations, there may be other tools or services available that could help you achieve your goals. For example, there are various text analysis and natural language processing tools that can be used to extract insights and patterns from large volumes of text data.


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