Thought Experiment

Few years ago Sony created a robot-dog. Suppose in 40 years this robot dog “evolved” — with the latest technology: cameras for eyes, sensors to feel and be touched, internal memory and software, and state of the art robotics…

Could you ever imagine that a bond would be formed between such a dog and a child – so that a child would truly LOVE such a dog? Not that it would miss him if he “broke” (not died) or was suddenly removed or taken away, but that the child would truly have connected deeply with the dog?

Okay, now let’s do it another way. Your child has a “real” dog and it gets sick. But you take some cells from your dog to a laboratory and they take the genetic material, the DNA from your dog and replace the DNA in a similar dog’s ovum (egg) with this DNA from your dog.

And the cells are electrically stimulated to replicate and soon a dog fetus forms from your dog’s genetic material, and it grows into a tiny puppy. And that tiny puppy is introduced into your family and your child thinks it’s a “real” dog and loves it, and the family nurtures that cloned dog.

Now do you think you and your family could truly love such a dog?

That is the current reality we’re living in – we have actually discovered that the software in organic life works the same way as the software we’ve put into computers.

(There is actually a company listed on the NASDAQ that “prints” human tissue – Organovo Holdings, Inc. ONVO develops three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology for creating functional human tissues on demand for research and medical applications.)

Consider: Both the robot dog and the cloned dog are expressions of an intelligent intention (profit for the robot — survival and reproduction for the clone), but on a massively different SCALE.

The software in the robot dog is code humans wrote — genetic code that “animates” inanimate material — but we KNOW there is no “real life” within it – and we cannot truly love it.

The software in the cloned dog “evolved” – or did it? It is “really” alive but is it “Spot”?

The DNA is running in the dog is a precise sequence of chemical combinations represented by four letters of our alphabet – A, C, T and G just like the software in the robot was written by programmers at Sony (or Apple).

We don’t really know the origin of the “idea” for DNA –some genes are now “patented” and corporations claim to own the “Intellectual Property” – but we don’t really know the original intellect behind its “development”.

What we do know is that our genetic software operates precisely, logically and mathematically exactly like the software we created in computers–but as Life this “program” can express and manifest real LOVE.

If we dig a bit deeper we can begin to sense the magnitude of this realization. All organic life is based on this same software, expressing “its” intention (survival and in some cases even love) of a massively, exponentially greater intelligence.

We seem to be the first generation that has ever created and used such a subtle, and fine mental “product” – namely software – so perhaps we are also the first generation that can truly grasp the meaning of what we, and all life, truly is.

If we extend this notion with the understanding that we are composed of the same molecules and atoms that are within all stars and galaxies, and that our organic material (carbon based) has been found on other planets and on asteroids, can we then just barely begin to fathom our true position in what IS?

And when we comprehend that within ourselves, the same software is running, creating our thoughts and ultimately our entire reality, can we sense the enormity of this understanding – because we truly do not KNOW what we are – only that we’re HERE.


Okay, now consider this. Instead of this cloned creature with the “copied and pasted” DNA being a cloned dog – imagine it was HUMAN.

And now, imagine IT WAS YOU.


At what point would this creature really be “you”, i.e. John or Mary Smith?

When would you know that you ARE John or Mary Smith?

John and Mary Smith after all, are just words. Are they you? Is your birth certificate you?

Can you begin to fathom how much of John or Mary Smith is overlaid or merged into the DNA/Software that you seem to be running?

Perhaps the DNA Software is an “operating system” and you are running programs like white American male – (who thinks he’s too short…)

Now can you even sense that your actual belief in a separate John or Mary Smith is actually learned?

What happens to the beliefs about what you are –the “words” white American male – (who thinks he’s too short…) under these circumstances?

Can you see that the words are just programs—running not just in your brain but even in your heart, stomach, gut and every cell in your body?

Can you begin to observe this reality as it happens?

Consider: Could you uninstall these programs, or temporarily stop their “execution”?

When these beliefs now drop away (deconstruct) what is left? Basically – just Life – software that is HERE expressing a massively immense intelligence – as “you”.

What is left as “you”? Can you feel the unreality of it? (Like a dream?)

How does this impact your life in the grocery store, and someone takes too long in the Express Lane? Are “you” irritated?


What about when a woman rejects “you” – or if “you” may actually die? Will it matter?

To whom?

One response to “Thought Experiment

  1. Tom, not on a par with your better writing. Apart from a number of typos – punctuation and extra words – I found it very difficult to follow – it was too much like short-hand, sentences and thoughts that didn’t seem to connect. Perhaps too experimental for my rigid rationality – ha! –  or, perhaps, only a reflection of my  limitations.   /j

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