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A New Einstein – or the Bernie Madoff of Physics?

Fragments of ancient wisdom, when viewed from a modern perspective, are difficult to evaluate with certainty. Erik von Daniken, whose ancient astronaut theories make a lot of sense on one level, has been debunked by conventional archeologists and scientists—and he has a “colorful” past that is not free of controversy—having been convicted of fraud.

Einstein himself was an outsider; albeit it he appeared during a time when there were far fewer theoretical physicists working in his space, and his theories were eventually recognized and proven.

Now a self-proclaimed modern Einstein, Nassim Haramein, has appeared on the scene, and claims to have reconciled the four basic forces of nature: gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear force in a unified field theory—a feat Nobel prize winning physicists have been unable to accomplish.

His Resonance Project has claimed to have found a new solution to Einstein’s field equations—based on his understanding of the ancient wisdom of civilizations like Egypt and the Maya—using the principles of sacred geometry.

In a video called Black Whole, replete with exquisite computer graphics, Haramein links the sacred geometry of Egypt and other civilizations to a tetrahedral as the basic structure within space itself—pointing to this geometric model as the most basic building block linking energy and matter—the smallest form between the formless and matter.

Haramein claims that that the vectors comprising the tertrahedron are the only geometric shapes in nature that apply equal force in all directions, and that this sacred concept has been represented in the art and sculpture of many ancient cultures from the Kabala (Tree of Life) of mystical Judaism to the so-called “Flower of Life” symbol of the mandala and among the oldest examples in Egypt at the Temple of Osiris at Abydos.

Haramein is not the only thinker who has come upon the significance of the tetrahedral grid – Buckminster Fuller also made it famous, among others including Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci’s work portrayed the Fibonacci sequence as the perfection of number manifest within all of nature, and particularly the human form.

The Fibonacci Sequence (also called the Golden Mean) is the series of numbers where each number in the series is the sum of the previous two numbers. Also known as the Phi function (as opposed to Pi), it is another constant found expressed in nature and also memorialized in the dimensions of ancient structures like the Great Pyramid.

The problem is that for a lay person, Haramein’s physics and the accuracy of his calculations must be accepted on faith.

This is where I compare him to Bernie Madoff—do I lend him credibility based solely on an intuitive sense that he is onto something quite startling and significant? Do I lend him my inner confidence due to this intuition? Or do I give in to a healthy skepticism because of the derision of his work by conventional scientists?

For me, the correlation by Haramein to ancient geometry strikes a deep responsive chord—somehow I sense that mathematics is the language of nature and geometry is its expression into form.

In his video Haramein drills down into matter the quantum level and essentially maintains that at some point (within the vacuum—nothing) form gives way to number, which to me is essentially Mind.

This is the realm beyond our thinking mind which we occasionally touch in meditation when we follow our thoughts without attachment. I believe it is what thinkers like Eckhart Tolle call quiet presence or pure Being—it is the essential movement beyond stillness—our connection to the “software of Life.”

That such software emanates out of what we discern as “number” should not surprise us; our own software written in “our image” for our computers works the same way. Ideas are given form and manipulated mathematically according to algorithms and functions; again the most obvious such function in nature is the Fibonacci sequence.

As a nonphysicist I can only sense these connections. The proofs required by our scientific community are not available now, and may never really be, because they will by definition be conceptual while what is being addressed here is life itself, not its abstraction through our thinking mind.

In many ways, whether like Madoff or von Daniken, Nassim Haramein is playing the archetypal role of the Trickster or magician and in so doing he is opening our minds to new possibilities.

What is so intriguing about theories like Haramein’s is the acknowledgment and attempt to heal the split between science and religion, which is perhaps the most profound duality that supports our illusory hypnotic connection to the purely physical universe. This is the illusion that keeps us oblivious to other dimensions, frequencies and energy.

The Significance of the Fact that “DNA is Code”

When people hear the phrase computer code or programming their eyes glaze over.

Indeed, the entire new world of apps on tablets and smart phones has served to separate ordinary technology users from the magic that takes place in the brains or chips of their devices.

Because I believe that this is so significant, especially as it relates to our own nature and biology (DNA is code), let me give you a taste of what it may mean in one small example.

“Object-oriented” programming allows developers to create blocks of code that can be reused in various programs. For example, a Microsoft developer might use the block of code that represents a slider at the bottom of a window while a web page is loading, or the program is calculating…

This is a block of English language text that makes the slider appear as long as the computer is thinking.

As I’ve written in the past, one very simple example of such code is a Word macro like this:

Sub red()

‘ red Macro’

ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeRectangle, 93#, 43.5, 117.75, _


Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(192, 0, 0)

Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.Visible = msoTrue


End Sub

To anyone not familiar with computer code, this is another language; namely a block of symbols that contain meaning—in this case they determine how energy (electricity) is processed in a computer running this code.

Like the example of the slider code (a block of text), this “subroutine” (program) creates a rectangle which it fills with the color value which represents red, the RGB value of which is (192, 0, 0)

(If you want to check this color value for yourself, open a program like Photoshop and enter the RGB value for a tool like the eyedropper, and you’ll see it for yourself).

This gives you the first inkling of how mathematics is representing a quality or property—here it’s a color value.

In programming terms, we have set the “property” of the object (rectangle) to be a Fill Color with this value (Red).

When the macro runs this all happens in the blink of an eye and a red rectangle appears on the page.







In Microsoft Word this “happens” as a result of user input (Mouse Click) and the macro “runs” (lives?) as the Code executes.

Remember again that DNA in our cells works the same way—As Juan Enriquez says in the TED video I always quote, the apple (a program or executable) is on a branch–when sunlight hits it, its code executes, and it falls from the tree.

In the case of DNA, as it is sequenced (decoded) by supercomputers, our own genetic code is what instructs the genes to combine as one of a set of amino acids (chemicals) to express—and these various combinations can be decoded as four letters, A, C, T and G. (And in fact within the supercomputers for sequencing, they are sometimes also associated with specific colors so that A=Blue, C=Green, T=Yellow, G=Red.)

Of course the actual letter, color or RGB value (number) only has meaning assigned by the human intelligence that uses it to figure out the instructions—it intrisically represents a meaning for the expression of Life.

This potential of the apple to execute (fall) is a “property” of the apple that is the result of its DNA (code).

If its DNA instructed Life to form a banana, it would not execute the same way (live) because of its different properties. Ironically, the apple’s color property is also often red – the banana has a different “RGB value” – yellow.

Of course when we consider our DNA we often think we also have certain “properties” – eye color, hair color or on a more complex level, perhaps a tendency (or potential “property”) for diabetes or depression. (Consider the RGB value of “blue” eyes)…

What determines whether we manifest those properties?

Simply put – Life.

But what are we? Are we the programmed object that is the block of code (the body of cells – or the nucleus with the DNA)?

At first look it might appear so – but the “object” you were at birth is hardly the same as the one you are now—although the code in your cells is similar (DNA can also change as you grow and develop, as can the brain—a property called neuroplasticity). We can “reprogram” ourselves.

But consider the plasticity of Life. Now you may have the property of being about 4-7 feet in height—when born your property (height=) was considerably less.

In some ways the Genes that “express” as a result of the code’s interaction with the environment (the new science of Epigenetics) is “who” you are, but that is also always changing.

And so you aren’t even really your properties (programmed code) or “methods” (abilities) – (one of Microsoft Word’s methods would be to create text on a page; another method would be to send data to a printer).

Rather, the truest aspect of what “you” are is the manifestation or execution of the code from moment to moment – which is Life.

Indeed the very notion that you are a separately programmed “object” apart from the rest of Life is the result of our own very “human” programming – it’s “wired” into your brain as a concept or thought. It does not exist in nature.

Presumably a banana does not have such wiring and doesn’t consider itself a separate object.

When you begin to consider that thought is just another programmed “property” of your evolved brain (and again, not a “thing” – but an aspect or property as with the computer programmed object – the macro) – you may realize that you are no “thing” but rather the consciousness (mental attribute or property) that is all of Life.

…which “makes” the apple execute and fall from the tree, and has prompted “me” to write this blog post.

As Buckminster Fuller once put it, “I think I am a verb” (being) – not a noun (object).

DNA code represents the incredible manifestation of a vast intelligence, with the infinite perfection of mathematics, which is reflected in all of Nature. And its discovery suggests that none of “us” are separate “things” but rather the properties that are manifested through the endless, infinite and magical evolutionary processes of Life itself.